What's the price of fatherhood? Time, money, and testosterone.

Becoming a parent means making a lot of sacrifices in your life, from giving up sleep to giving up your paycheck. But new research shows that if you're becoming a dad, you should also be prepared to give up some testosterone — but don't worry, it's all so you can better provide for your child. » 9/12/11 2:02pm 9/12/11 2:02pm

Your birth control may be altering your memory

We're all familiar with the power that hormones have over behavior and mood, but did you know that sex and stress hormones can affect how we recall past events? Now, a recently published study has shed light on the memory-altering effects of one of the most widely used hormone-regulating drugs in the world: birth… » 9/09/11 3:58pm 9/09/11 3:58pm