You just don't understand sexual cannibalism

We call those deadly spiders with the red hourglass shapes on their abdomens "black widows" because they eat their mates as part of the sex act. But black widows are far from the only spiders who sexually cannibalize, and some insects and fish do it too. It's just a natural part of some animals' reproductive process.… » 1/23/13 10:10am 1/23/13 10:10am

Black widow spiders avoid cannibalization by sniffing webs

The black widow spider practices sexual cannibalism, in which the female eats the male after mating - indeed, that's why they're called black widows in the first place. But males have an unexpected way of avoiding that fate. » 7/10/11 12:00pm 7/10/11 12:00pm

Wolf spiders are the first known species where the male cannibalizes…

Several kinds of female animals, including spiders, are known to devour their male counterparts, often right after they finish having sex. But every so often, the female isn't deadlier than the male, as South America's wolf spider will tell you. » 4/13/11 10:59am 4/13/11 10:59am

Some Basic Answers About Why Women Eat Men While Mating

Although sexual cannibalism is discouraged among humans, if not outright illegal, it's not uncommon in the spider world, as well as among mantises. Female spiders are known to eat male spiders both before and after mating, though researchers point out in a new paper published in American Naturalist » 9/11/08 7:00am 9/11/08 7:00am that it's not…