A Map of the Weirdest Sex Laws in the United States

Is your sex life against the law? Better make sure. We've painstakingly compiled a map of all the most biarre and unnecessary laws regulating what you do, with whom, and where. Check out our complete map of all the weirdest laws regulating sex in America below. » 12/17/13 11:30am 12/17/13 11:30am

What If Katniss Didn't Have to Choose Between Peeta and Gale?


NPR's Linda Holmes wrote a great article about the gender dynamics in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and concluded, "…you could argue that Katniss' conflict between Peeta and Gale is effectively a choice between a traditional Movie Girlfriend and a traditional Movie Boyfriend." I do love the way Holmes puts this.… » 12/03/13 7:47pm 12/03/13 7:47pm

So apparently men with small balls are better dads

Researchers from Emory University have discovered that fathers with smaller testicles are more likely to be involved in caregiving activities like diaper changes, feeding, and nap time. Brains scans also show higher activity in their reward system. But the study is far from complete in its assessment. » 9/10/13 9:40am 9/10/13 9:40am

What Happens When a Sex Machine Tears You Apart Instead of Bringing…

It's our biggest fear about sexual technology, like teledidonics — that instead of bringing us closer together, it'll come between you and your partner, and you'll start to prefer the artificial to the natural. In response to io9's story about teledildonics a while back, literary magazine Tin House posted a cautionary… » 3/28/13 11:01am 3/28/13 11:01am

Seanan McGuire explains why you shouldn't expect every fantasy heroine…

The other day, someone asked Seanan McGuire when the characters in her popular October Daye urban fantasy novels were going to get raped — because respect for the integrity of your own work, and pure realism demand it. McGuire's response to this idea is worth reading in full, but especially the part where she explains: » 10/03/12 3:44pm 10/03/12 3:44pm

George R.R. Martin breaks it down for you about sex and violence in…

You might remember there was some controversy a while back about explicit sexuality in Game of Thrones — including those random bits of "sexposition" where people deliver large amounts of backstory while naked. In an interview with Reuters, author George R.R. Martin addresses criticism that there's too much sex in his… » 7/26/12 1:56pm 7/26/12 1:56pm

A Short History of Gay and Lesbian Superheroes

Marvel Comics caused a stir recently with a high-profile same-sex wedding in Astonishing X-Men. But gay and lesbian superheroes have been around forever. Here's a brief overview from Martin Eden, who recently published Spandex, a graphic novel about the first all-LGBT superhero team. » 7/03/12 4:03pm 7/03/12 4:03pm

Your preference for beer shows that you're into casual sex — and other…

Online dating sites are not only a boon for people looking to start relationships — they're also proving to be extremely beneficial for people who like to crunch lots of data. Some psychologists and mathematicians are taking the copious amounts of information that you're putting into these sites to get a better sense… » 6/21/12 4:27pm 6/21/12 4:27pm

Cheaters More Likely to Pass on Infections Than People in Open…

People often think that open relationships increase your risk of catching a disease — but actually, openly seeing other people is much safer than sneaking around, a new study proves. According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that people in open relationships actually have less of a… » 6/14/12 3:40pm 6/14/12 3:40pm

Must Listen: Great SF authors discuss the many planets of the Amazons

Sarah Hall, author of the Tiptree Award-winning novel Daughters of the North, narrates a fantastic two-part BBC radio series, Cat Women of the Moon, all about "the popular motif in science fiction of an all-women society surviving without men." The first half is more about "relations between the sexes," while the second… » 1/11/12 1:45pm 1/11/12 1:45pm