The Sexiest Geek Dads in the Galaxy

It's official: Geek dads are the new MILFs. They build robots, sequence genomes, draw comics, write superhero movies, study the cosmos, rule the internet, and represent for the geeks in pop culture — plus they're awesome dads at the same time! Who doesn't get a little warm tingle contemplating all that? For your… » 12/13/12 12:42pm 12/13/12 12:42pm

Enhanced Firefighters Have Really Big... Boots

Futuristic fire-fighting boots and a robot dog may not be the focal point of this piece of concept art, but they're definitely the most intriguing. We're not sure what these boots are supposed to do in the first place, but we know that the artist calls them "fire pumps." » 1/15/08 3:30pm 1/15/08 3:30pm

Pumping in Zero Gravity With the Best Sci Fi Sex Scenes

Science fiction doesn't just give us the best machines; it also gives the best sex as well. After all, if the future is full of anti-gravity lifts and teleportation, just think how far the porno industry will evolve. Scifi isn't just about human sex either: you can get it on with aliens, clones, and even machines. » 12/19/07 12:00pm 12/19/07 12:00pm