Charles Stross Talks to io9 About Sex, Prison, and Politics

Yesterday we talked to Jim Munroe about one of the most political science fiction novels written in the last century, and today we've cornered science fiction author Charles Stross into talking about the future of a more socio-political issue: sex. Stross is the author most recently of Halting State, a near-future… » 1/08/08 9:40am 1/08/08 9:40am

Science Fiction That Changed Political Rhetoric Forever

As we ramp up for election season, it's time to consider how science fiction has changed the face of politics. In California, where I live, we recently elected a science fiction actor Governor, but that's not what I mean. The question is, can science fiction change politics in the way other rhetoric does? We asked… » 1/07/08 9:42am 1/07/08 9:42am