Is Britain Too Meek For Sci-Fi TV?

As Torchwood finishes its acclaimed Children of Earth miniseries, one British critic declares that its success is an aberration for a country that has consistently failed to produce any good science fiction television whatsoever. And yes, he's including Doctor Who. » 7/11/09 9:00am 7/11/09 9:00am

5 Shows That We're Outing As SciFi

Instead of focusing on the potential dearth of new shows to offer us sci-fi thrills, we're turning our attention to the shows that don't call themselves sci-fi, but kinda are. Here're some of our favorites. » 1/25/09 12:00pm 1/25/09 12:00pm

Will Sci-Fi Become The Invisible Genre On TV?

With news of more fall pilots slowly trickling out from the networks, we're wondering if other networks may be following Fox's lead in looking for shows that definitely aren't science fiction. » 1/24/09 12:00pm 1/24/09 12:00pm