Gene Wolfe's Out of Print Classics Now Available as e-Books

Gene Wolfe was just named the 2012 Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master. But that's not the only excellent news — Tor Books is reissuing 19 of Wolfe's classic books, which were out of print, in e-book formats. Including The Urth of the New Sun. And Peace, which has a brand new afterword by Neil Gaiman. Details,… »12/13/12 7:26pm12/13/12 7:26pm

SFWA moving its links from to other booksellers once again flexed its muscles in the e-book realm, removing 4,000 books distributed by the Independent Publishing Group (IPG) from its site, after a dispute with IPG over pricing. And this time, the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America has responded by changing links on its website to… »2/29/12 9:30am2/29/12 9:30am

SFWA Website Comes To Life, Starts Attacking Web Browsers

The Science Fiction And Fantasy Writers Of America website was hacked by someone who installed malicious code into its pages. When anyone visited the SFWA site, it would try to launch a Trojan against your browser — which mostly affected older browsers and unpatched machines. The attack was aimed at gaining users'… »4/13/09 4:30pm4/13/09 4:30pm