Romance Fail: The Worst Fictional Pairings, and Why They Happen

Romance abounds in fiction — and science fiction and fantasy are full of epic romances too. But sometimes, it's just a bad idea. We see so many fictional couples that the writers clearly thought were a great idea, but are actually disasters. Here are the main signs that a fictional romance is a terrible, awful, bad… »2/14/14 3:00pm

Stargate: Continuum Brings on the Time Travel, But Without All Those Silly Consequences

Time traveling Stargaters bring a whole new side to the SG-1 universe. The new movie's motto could be: "We can do whatever the hell we want 'cause this movie is about time travel." Which roughly translated means Stargate: Continuum slaughters characters at will and flips the SG worlds upside down. The good news is… »7/24/08 6:47pm