Prometheus writer Jon Spaihts on How to Create a Great Space Movie

Jon Spaihts wrote five drafts of Ridley Scott's Prometheus, before handing it off to Damon Lindelof. He's also become known in Hollywood as the go-to writer for hard science fiction and space adventure, after his space romance Passengers landed on the Black List of the best unproduced scripts. And he's written two… » 5/10/12 11:27am 5/10/12 11:27am

"Alien" Prequel Writer's Other Movie, About A Mecha Death Suit

Ridley Scott tapped screenwriter Jon Spahits to write the prequel to Alien, and the script for Spahits' unproduced film Shadow 19 shows us why: it's a videogame-fueled romp through an alien planet filled with space battles, sentient machines, and mecha. » 9/28/09 11:53am 9/28/09 11:53am