This Short Movie About An Endless Future War Looks Unspeakably Great

Check out the trailer for The Shaman, a new short film debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival. As with a lot of short films we've seen lately, this has top-notch visual effects — but more than that, it looks like a thing of pure beauty. And it has an original story, with a concept I haven't come across before. »3/11/15 2:55pm3/11/15 2:55pm


Kim Stanley Robinson's new novel takes us back to the Ice Age

Kim Stanley Robinson, author of Red Mars, The Years of Rice and Salt, and 2312, has always vacillated between writing about the future and writing alternate histories. His latest historical novel, Shaman, is as unconventional as his alternate histories have been. He takes us 20,000 years into the past, into the… »3/07/13 3:23pm3/07/13 3:23pm