See For Yourself The Terrible Truth Of Our Forgotten Iguana Atrocity

Here's archival footage of military experiments with giant lizards during World War II. We reviewed Morrow's book Shambling Towards Hiroshima, and here's an exclusive look at the trailer. NSFLH="not safe for lizard-haters." » 12/29/08 8:30am 12/29/08 8:30am

The Secret History Of Godzilla's Wartime Gallantry

James Morrow's bizarrely funny new book Shambling Towards Hiroshima turns the usual Godzilla paradigm on its head: Instead of being inspired by the horrors of nuclear war, Godzilla is its herald. OMG spoilers! » 12/18/08 12:05pm 12/18/08 12:05pm