Batman Shampoo and Bane-ana star in the last Dark Knight Rises video ever required

The world has been demanding - nay, crying out - for a remake of Dark Knight Rises remake starring a banana as Bane and a bottle of shampoo as Batman. But only Matt Muholland had the skills, the vision, and the spare banana and shampoo needed to turn this dream into a reality. People throw the word "hero" around a… »11/22/12 2:30pm11/22/12 2:30pm


Here's a beautiful fluid dynamics experiment that begins in your shower

The next time you're in the shower, try pouring a steady stream of shampoo into an open, flattened palm. See how the thread loops and buckles as it comes into contact with your hand? Physicists who study fluid dynamics call this behavior "the rope-coiling effect;" it's a physical property commonly observed in… »1/04/12 12:40pm1/04/12 12:40pm