The Followup To Enthiran Is A Whole New Level Of Kollywood Insanity

You would expect the director of Enthiran, the logic-defying Bollywood robot movie, to go to some pretty extreme lengths to top himself. What you would not expect is pretty much all of the insanity in this new trailer for I, the new movie from Enthiran director Shankar. Including a female motorcycle, a barbell lady,… »9/18/14 8:36pm9/18/14 8:36pm


India's Robot Epic Is Dancing In Peru As You Read This

Were you let down by Love Story 2050 »9/09/08 1:31pm9/09/08 1:31pm? Don't give up on Indian science fiction yet - the lavish production is finally starting filming, after a year of . Now known as , the movie is starting filming in the U.S. and Peru, and it's released its first image (which admittedly reminds us a bit of Woody Allen's .) The best…