The White House responds to the creepy alien body guards conspiracy

On March 4th, Obama's secret alien security team skeeved out the planet. While addressing the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a shapeshifter alien humanoid was caught on tape slithering about the group, keeping its two soulless eyes on the crowd. It was terrifying, and sent the conspiracy theorists all a… »3/28/13 11:30am3/28/13 11:30am

Alien Shapeshifters Are For Lovers, In New Book Series

Romance/SF author C.J. Barry just signed a big book deal with Penguin imprint Berkley Books for a new series of romance novels about an invasion by alien shapeshifters. It's just the latest proof of what we've been saying for ages — some of the biggest growth in science fiction publishing will come from genre hybrids.… »10/22/08 4:38pm10/22/08 4:38pm