The New Zealand Prime Minister publicly denies being a lizard person

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key was recently asked to provide "any evidence to disprove the theory that [he] is in fact a David Icke style shapeshifting reptilian alien ushering humanity towards enslavement." Key, in a congenial manner atypical of shapeshifting reptilian aliens, responded. » 2/15/14 3:30pm 2/15/14 3:30pm

The White House responds to the creepy alien body guards conspiracy

On March 4th, Obama's secret alien security team skeeved out the planet. While addressing the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a shapeshifter alien humanoid was caught on tape slithering about the group, keeping its two soulless eyes on the crowd. It was terrifying, and sent the conspiracy theorists all a… » 3/28/13 8:30am 3/28/13 8:30am

Man accused of bestiality blames crime on shapeshifting prostitute

Last Sunday, Zimbabwean police found a 28-year-old man in flagrante delicto with a donkey in the town of Zvishavane. When pressed for a rationale, the man offered up that which can only be described as your typical True Blood subplot. Reports New Zimbabwe: » 10/29/11 11:45am 10/29/11 11:45am

Psychics, shapeshifters, and paranormal romance: an interview with…

What if telepathy existed, but it drove the telepath mad? Take that concept, add shapeshifters, and you've got the basis for Nalini Singh's best-selling Psy-Changeling series. We spoke to her about Pern, world-building, and why every series needs an ending. » 6/19/11 8:30am 6/19/11 8:30am

Falling In Love With The Wolfboy

It's the same old story. Boy vampire meets girl, girl and boy have tumultuous affair, boy goes away, girl falls for boy werewolf. The vampire-human-werewolf triangle has become almost cliché. When will these darn kids learn the term "threesome"? » 6/14/09 3:00pm 6/14/09 3:00pm

Alien Shapeshifters Are For Lovers, In New Book Series

Romance/SF author C.J. Barry just signed a big book deal with Penguin imprint Berkley Books for a new series of romance novels about an invasion by alien shapeshifters. It's just the latest proof of what we've been saying for ages — some of the biggest growth in science fiction publishing will come from genre hybrids.… » 10/22/08 1:38pm 10/22/08 1:38pm