ODeck Shark Week: Learning Stuff Despite The Discovery Channel

Thanks a million, Discovery Channel. Now when you Google "largest shark in the world," six items on the first page of search results are derived from your ridiculous Megalodon "documentary" from last year. You know what? We don't need you to learn, and with the way things are going we're not likely to, anyway. »8/12/14 4:03am8/12/14 4:03am

This Week's TV: The Marvel Superhero Team-Up You Never Saw Coming!

We still have to wait a month and a half for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but this week Marvel is giving us the next best thing! Plus the final episodes of Breaking Bad are here. And is Shark Week still worth watching, or has the focus on education and conservation gotten tossed overboard? Watch clips from all this week's… »8/05/13 12:00pm8/05/13 12:00pm

Celebrate Shark Week with this hilarious compilation of movie shark attacks

This past week marked the 25th anniversary of the Discovery Channel's celebration of all things shark. Sharks warrant attention for their prehistoric majesty as well as the need to conserve many species, but it's hard to ignore both the factual and fictitious aspects of the shark attack. HuffPo Green put together… »8/18/12 1:00pm8/18/12 1:00pm