Sharknado was a ratings disaster as brutal as... well, a Sharknado

Everybody was talking about the premiere of Syfy's TV movie Sharknado on Twitter last night. But as it turns out, apparently no one actually bothered to watch it. The movie was seen by just over a million people, unequivocally making it a complete bomb (...that was then launched into a Sharknado). » 7/12/13 1:40pm 7/12/13 1:40pm

We asked the writer of Sharknado some very serious questions

Tonight, Syfy debuts the greatest shark disaster epic since Sharktopus. It's called Sharknado. And yeah, it's about a tornado — full of sharks. Thunder Levin wrote the script, and we caught up with him to ask some philosophical questions about this important film that forces us to question the very nature of…

» 7/11/13 11:20am 7/11/13 11:20am

Sharknado is so much more amazing than you could have possibly guessed

We already knew Syfy's Sharknado movie was going to be fun, but did we know it was going to be an artistic triumph? Well, thanks to this brand-new trailer, we do now. I mean, did Citizen Kane feature a scene where Beverly Hills 90210's Ian Ziering cuts a flying shark in half with a chainsaw? I THINK NOT. » 7/10/13 1:40pm 7/10/13 1:40pm

This Week's TV: Is Batman's new show as good as the Animated Series?

Did Syfy steal the idea for Sharknado from The Middleman? And just how many memes will Sharknado spawn? Also, the brand new Batman series reinvents Bat-continuity, but will it be worth your Bat-time? Gravity Falls is back! Check out clips and previews of all this week's television. » 7/08/13 9:00am 7/08/13 9:00am