Melissa McCarthy Will Play a "Comedy Adventure" Version of Tinker Bell

Well, it's been a few hours since we heard news about a live-action update to a classic kid's tales, so here we go: Fox has reportedly acquired a Tinker Bell movie from Melissa McCarthy and Shawn Levy (A Night at the Museum). » 11/19/14 11:00pm 11/19/14 11:00pm

Will Smith to sail New York City across the Atlantic like a boat

This could very well be the most fantastic premise for an urban fantasy movie ever. Will Smith is set to star in The City That Sailed, about a New York street magician who is separated from his daughter in London.... and winds up sailing the entire island of Manhattan to England to retrieve her. » 11/15/13 8:20am 11/15/13 8:20am

The makers of Real Steel explain why robot boxing really is the future!

Real Steel takes a quirky Richard Matheson story about robot boxing and turns it into a thrilling tale of robots beating each other to scrap metal. We caught up with the stars and creative team behind this film, and they explained how they went about creating a world nine years into the future. » 10/06/11 2:40pm 10/06/11 2:40pm

New Real Steel trailer will pummel your brain with robot fists and…

Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em, Hugh Jackman is a deadbeat Dad! The latest Real Steel trailer is so packed with metallic emotion, it's like The Iron Giant for dummies. » 5/10/11 10:13am 5/10/11 10:13am

Two Real Steel clips show off robot boxing in action

Two robots enter, one robot leaves! Two short clips from Real Steel showcase a pair of robo-fighters in action. So are we supposed to feel for the mecha beings? Or just Hugh Jackman? Do robots feel pain in the future? » 3/17/11 3:53pm 3/17/11 3:53pm

30 years before the Thor movie, Thor the bodybuilder rocked your face…

On May 6, Kenneth Branagh's $150 million Thor flick debuts, bringing 3D Mjolnir to the masses. The only problem? Branagh and company are three decades too late. Since the 1970s, Canadian heavy metal musician/bodybuilder/Norse god incarnate/hammer-wielding renaissance man Jon Mikl Thor has been entertaining audiences… » 2/21/11 7:20am 2/21/11 7:20am

Real Steel trailer looks like a robo-fighting champ!

Here it is: the rock 'em sock 'em, kick 'em in the bolts trailer for the robot-boxing epic Real Steel. And hot damn, this piece of junk kicks some serious metal butt. Watch the first trailer right now. » 12/09/10 10:35am 12/09/10 10:35am

Real Steel's Dystopian Future Won't Stop Hugh Jackman From Taking His…

Real Steel's future world is tired of human boxers, so they turn to fighting robots. But even though it's a gritty, post-industrial dystopia, director Shawn Levy promises it'll have a lot of heart, and a shirtless Hugh Jackman. Spoilers ahead. » 4/07/10 7:00am 4/07/10 7:00am