Shia May Be Our Last Man After All

It's a case of good news, bad news for the Y: The Last Man movie. On the plus side, a new script for the movie is currently being co-written by creator Brian K. Vaughan. On the minus, Shia's still involved. » 6/22/09 7:30am 6/22/09 7:30am

Thank God: No Shia In Y The Last Man Movie

The first positive development for the movie version of Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's Y: The Last Man since the project's announcement has come, in the form of Shia LeBeouf declaring that he won't be playing Yorick after all. » 6/10/09 6:30am 6/10/09 6:30am

Meet Transformers' Fallen Bad Guy

Now we know what Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen's ubervillain looks like, thanks to this newly-released image: A pointy-er-face version of all the other Transformers. But Shia LeBeouf wants to tell you how different he is. » 5/30/09 4:00pm 5/30/09 4:00pm

Shia's Transformers Eye Injury No Big Deal... Or Is It?

As much as Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen » 10/04/08 6:00am 10/04/08 6:00am producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura may want us to think that Shia LeBeouf "loves to do his own stunts," the fact that the human star of Michael Bay's roboporn movies keeps injuring himself on site leads us to believe that he's not very good at them - or, perhaps, that…

Prepare For The Cinematic End Of All Of Mankind... Almost

After years of discussion, the movie based on Y The Last Man » 9/15/08 11:10am 9/15/08 11:10am is, according to director DJ Caruso, ready to go into production. But do his plans for making the critically- and fan-acclaimed series into a trilogy of movies include changing the way the story ends? Spoilers for the movie comic series await, so be…

Scotty Sees Your Pinky Amputation, Raises You A Right Middle Finger

Though the rumors of Shia LeBeouf's looming pinky amputation are probably false » 8/09/08 12:00pm 8/09/08 12:00pm, maybe he shouldn't celebrate just yet. After suffering through that procedure, LeBeouf would have joined many an important sci-fi persona — and I'm not just talking about Frodo of the Nine Fingers. If you want to find out which episodes…

Transformers 2 Rewrite Offers Helping, Injured Hand To LeBeouf

The long line of heroes with damaged hands will grow by one with the release of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen » 8/02/08 8:00am 8/02/08 8:00am, according to new rumors from the set of the heavy metal sequel. Proving that art mirrors real life mirrors the reality of shooting schedules, Shia LeBeouf's character Sam Whitwicky is set to gain his…

Transformers 2 Trailer More Than Meets The Eagle Eye

Not only did it provide free wi-fi for Comic-Con attendees this past weekend, but now we have another reason to be thankful for new Shia LeBeouf vehicle Eagle Eye » 8/01/08 11:30am 8/01/08 11:30am. Writer Roberto Orci is hinting very broadly that the release of the movie on September 26th will also include the first trailer for . []

LeBeouf's Accident To Delay Transformers 2?

The filming schedule of the second Transformers » 7/30/08 6:30am 7/30/08 6:30am movie has been thrown into some confusion following an accident this weekend landed star Shia LeBeouf in hospital and requiring "extensive surgery," according to reports. An evil Decepticon plan or something much more embarrassing? Find out under the jump.LeBeouf, who…

Shia The Last Man In 2010?

He may not have won your hearts as Mutt in this summer's Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, but Shia LeBeouf is still trying to make you fall in love with his dubious charms, even if he has to be the last man on Earth for it to happen. And, apparently, that's exactly what we're going to see in the… » 7/23/08 10:00am 7/23/08 10:00am

LaBeouf To Become Smarter, Faster, Stronger in Dark Fields

It may seem unlikely, but Shia LaBeouf is about to become the smartest man alive. You can thank medical science and novelist Alan Glynn, whose fictional pharmaceutical in 2002 novel The Dark Fields is the reason behind LeBeouf's transformation into a chemical renaissance man. » 4/15/08 1:20pm 4/15/08 1:20pm