D.J. Caruso Describes "Major Plot Change" in Y the Last Man Movie

We've all been a little worried ever since we heard D.J. "Eagle Eye" Caruso would be adapting Brian K. Vaughan's genderpocalypse comic book series Y the Last Man »9/22/08 6:18pm9/22/08 6:18pm with role. And now it turns out our fears may have been justified. Caruso said today that he had to add a major new plot point to amp up the action.…


Indiana Jones Delivers the Best X-Files Movie of Summer

It's not necessarily a good sign when you can only describe the latest entry in one summer franchise, Indiana Jones, by reference to another franchise, X-Files. that is also pumping out a summer movie. And yet the whole time I was watching Steven Spielberg's serviceable little action flick, full of Harrison Ford's… »5/22/08 10:00am5/22/08 10:00am