This Walking Lego Steampunk Ship is Terrifying!

As far as post-apocalyptic, steampunk-themed trading ships go, this MOC build is pretty impressive. Jason Allemann's landship, Amagosa, is based on the "Strandbeest," a badass kinetic sculpture created by Theo Jansen. It's mesmerizing to watch this Lego machine in action, but the tarantula-esque movements of the walker… » 6/23/13 3:27pm 6/23/13 3:27pm

Why there really is no such thing as an unsinkable ship

The Titanic's sinking was a hundred years ago this month, and not all the commemorations are directly related to James Cameron's movie. For one thing, we can finally get to the bottom of just why anyone ever called Titanic "unsinkable." » 4/02/12 9:50am 4/02/12 9:50am