​The Ships That Were Transformed Into Research Stations

Ranging from retrofitted military surplus to custom-built research vessels, these ships have been teaching us about just what goes on deep in the water for more than 80 years. Check out the pictures — and details on their history — after the jump! » 8/05/14 7:37am 8/05/14 7:37am

Do you 'ship absurd fictional couples? This music video is for you.

When you envision fictional characters getting together, are they the most implausible, inappropriate pairings you can imagine? The ladies of Not Literally celebrate ludicrous fan 'ships with their music video parody of Icona Pop's "I Love It." » 12/01/13 9:00am 12/01/13 9:00am

What's the worst 'ship in science fiction and fantasy?

Some genre romances belong to the ages. Others are dead weight. The other day, Futurama tried to turn us all into Fry-Leela shippers at last, with a mixed response. But what's the worst relationship that fans or creators have pushed for? » 9/06/13 2:28pm 9/06/13 2:28pm

An Illustrated History of Unbelievably Camouflaged Ships

It's difficult to hide from an enemy when you're inside an enormous ship, or part of a vast Naval fleet. And yet many ships in history have been well-camouflaged, despite a distinct lack of cloaking devices. Here are some of the most amazing examples. » 7/08/13 4:56pm 7/08/13 4:56pm

These Buildings Are Made Out of Ships

It's the ultimate form of recycling — just build your house out of old ocean vessels and ships. Here are some of the most incredible ways that people have turned boats into buildings, and vice versa. » 6/14/13 4:00pm 6/14/13 4:00pm

Ghostly Ship Graveyards from Around the World

Where do boats go when they die? Sometimes they end up in vast ship graveyards, sometimes craggy, foggy places where ships have met their doom, and sometimes spots where ships are deliberately left to rust. There's a quiet beauty to many of these graveyards and their resting inhabitants. » 5/26/13 2:00pm 5/26/13 2:00pm

The Klingon ships that didn't make it into Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness gave us a chase scene with a Klingon patrol ship, and the production team went through several possible designs for the Abrams-timeline vessels. Concept artist Harald Belker has been sharing a few potential ships that didn't make it on film. » 5/25/13 7:30am 5/25/13 7:30am

One day, this is how we will build ships in space

Over at gCaptain, we get a glimpse at the construction process for this gorgeous aircraft carrier, called the Gerald R. Ford. As you can see in the video below, it's assembled from large pieces. This is how we will probably build spaceships in a century — except they'll be in orbit. » 4/15/13 5:19pm 4/15/13 5:19pm

The Avengers' Leviathan warships could have been more H.R. Giger-esque

The Leviathans, the Chitauri's living warships, were invented for the Avengers movie and had to be designed from scratch. Avengers concept artist Phil Saunders has shared some of the early sketches for the Leviathans, including ones in which the ships had massive horns and this top one, which appears inspired by H.R.… » 2/03/13 11:00am 2/03/13 11:00am

Blueprints of the Rebel ships from the Star Wars Battle of Yavin

Will and Timothy Anderson invite you to relive the destruction of the first Death Star—by reveling in the technical specs of the ships involved on the Rebel side. Limited edition prints of these ships and more are available at Timothy Anderson's shop, so be sure to grab your favorites before they run out. » 12/29/12 9:30am 12/29/12 9:30am

Feast your eyes on this enormous ferry that carries 1500 passengers…

The company FutureShip has created an enormous concept ferry that runs entirely using alternative energy — and it could be carrying passengers on short trips in just five years. Its designers boast that the ferry is a zero emissions vessel. But how can that be? » 10/22/12 3:10pm 10/22/12 3:10pm

Watch this nautical jumbo-crane attach a 10-story attachment to a ship

This is the Sheerleg, a 3000-ton crane that snaps together "megablocks," or massive pieces of a ship that are assembled together LEGO-style. In the above time-lapse video, the giant crane places a 10-story megablock on a $750-million, 750-long, 137-foot-deep Samsung offshore drillship. » 8/28/11 5:00pm 8/28/11 5:00pm

Anti-wave tech tricks ocean water into standing still, making ships…

We've already seen how future ships can be cloaked against sonar, and maybe someday even space and time. Now researchers say they can cloak the ships' wakes, tricking water itself into acting as though nothing is there. » 8/14/11 9:10am 8/14/11 9:10am

10 Airships of the Present Day — and Near Future

Airships, the silent, futuristic vessels that float through the skies of alternate histories and ecotopias, aren't just the stuff of science fiction. Here are ten airship that exist today, or are under development for tomorrow. » 6/27/11 10:00am 6/27/11 10:00am

Enormous waterjet boat could be the next generation of warships

Waterjet boats are propelled by a fast jet of water that's forced through pumps and shot out of the back of the ship. And now the military is implanting this technology in huge boats to make them achieve super speeds. » 4/19/11 2:30pm 4/19/11 2:30pm

South Korea is about to build the largest ship in the world

Starting in 2013, the largest cargo ships in the world will be rolling off the assembly line and onto the water. Shipping and oil drilling company Maersk has just ordered the largest ship in the world to be built by Korea's Daewoo Shipbuiling and Marine Manufacturing. It will be a cargo ship that's 400 meters long, a… » 3/03/11 8:00am 3/03/11 8:00am

Fanciful submarines for your tinkering underwater civilization

In a future where we cruise back and forth between our underwater cities in lovingly hand-crafted vessels, we can look forward to Andrew George Brown's "Fanciful Submarines," whimsical boats that fin through the waters and creep across the ocean floor. » 2/05/11 11:00am 2/05/11 11:00am

Biotech Water-Purification Boat To Make The Rivers Of Europe Drinkable

A passenger vessel the size of a whale and packed with gardens, the concept ship Physalia is also designed to purify every river it floats in. Keep the Physalia in your river for long enough, and it will create drinkable water. » 1/12/10 8:00am 1/12/10 8:00am

Ship Wreck Graveyard

Like last century's space junk, this vessel that once bore humans through a dangerous and hostile element are now decaying into the Earth. Here is a haunting gallery of the places our ships go to die. » 1/05/10 7:30am 1/05/10 7:30am

Bejeweled + Science Fiction = Galactrix

The addictive fantasy puzzle game Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords has just made the leap into science fiction. Game-maker Infinite Interctive recently announced Galactrix, which mixes portions of Hexic, Tetris and Bejeweled with outer space battles between all kinds of spaceships. Plus you can challenge other… » 2/26/08 2:00pm 2/26/08 2:00pm