18 Perfect Short Stories That Pack More Of A Punch Than Most Novels

People sometimes mistake short stories for trifles, wee vignettes that are over before they start. But there's a reason why many of the best movies are based on short fiction rather than novels: a short story is just the right length to blow your mind. Here are 18 science fiction and short stories that rock our world. » 3/19/15 12:38pm 3/19/15 12:38pm

What book would you give someone you wanted to have terrible dreams?

There's no gift like a good book β€” it shows that you've thought about the person, and you're sharing the most precious thing humans can create: a story. But sometimes, giving a book says "I want you to have screaming surreal nightmares." What book would you give to someone you wanted to inflict bad dreams on? » 10/15/13 2:00pm 10/15/13 2:00pm

10 Novels That Are Scarier Than Most Horror Movies

You can't do jump-scares in a book. There's no computerized special effects, or actors covered with gruesome makeup and KY jelly. You can always put a book down for a few days. And yet, the creepy prose of horror's greatest writers has the power to hold you trapped in a spell of terror that no film crew can match. » 10/25/12 10:12am 10/25/12 10:12am