This Intense Short Film About Virtual Reality Is Already in the Works as a Feature

“Virtual reality, to me, is the only reality.” So begins Uncanny Valley, a short from Argentina’s Federico Heller that’s on the fast track to becoming a feature, thanks to the efforts of Independence Day: Resurgence writer Carter Blanchard. Watch the film below and see why it’s generated so much excitement.
»Today 6:30pm12/01/15 6:30pm


In this Dark Fairy Tale, a Sheltered Young Girl Seizes Control of Her Future

“In a family headed by a tyrannical father, the younger daughter will regain her freedom on her birthday.” It’s a simple synopsis, but Blood Ties, the dark fantasy film it describes, packs a lot of detail and nuance into just under four dialogue-free minutes, thanks to some gorgeously dreamy animation.
»11/20/15 7:20pm11/20/15 7:20pm

The official selection for the Sploid Short Film Festival 2015: Vote now with your YouTube likes

We’ve laughed and cried and seen crazy visions of the future. Robots fell in love, assassins from the future came back, and one minute time machines were used. Here are all the official selections for the Sploid Short Film Festival 2015. Tell us which ones you loved, which ones you watched over and over again and… »11/09/15 4:10pm11/09/15 4:10pm

Neat film shows that even dystopian nightmares can have happy endings

Dystopian visions of the future always portray scenarios where humans have destroyed Earth and turned it into a desolated and almost uninhabitable place. But our planet probably doesn’t really care. It will just wait us silly humans out until we disappear and then flourish again just as beautiful and full of life as… »10/19/15 6:45pm10/19/15 6:45pm

This freaky spiderman tale has a twist ending that you don't want to miss

Whether we are talking about a distant planet in a galaxy far far away or uncanny living creatures that are half-men and half-spiders, Mother Nature is ruthless and its rules apply the same everywhere. Make sure you don’t miss the twist at the end of this short because it’s so damn good. »9/14/15 1:05pm9/14/15 1:05pm

Past and future look exactly the same in this post-apocalyptic western

In the post-apocalyptic future depicted in this short film there are no smartphones, computers, or octopus-shaped robots trying to destroy what’s left of humanity. Here, people live like they used to in the Wild West. They ride horses, wear funny hats, and are well aware that their life is worth less than the bullet… »8/31/15 5:16pm8/31/15 5:16pm

A Group of Historians Debates How the World Ended, But Their Evidence Is...Funny

The short anime comedy Bureau of Proto Society takes us to a post-apocalyptic bunker, when the last remnants of humanity live isolated from the world. The bunker’s historians gather each day to try to debate how the world ended—and once you see their historical sources, you’ll understand their confusion. »8/28/15 8:40pm8/28/15 8:40pm