A Group of Historians Debates How the World Ended, But Their Evidence Is...Funny

The short anime comedy Bureau of Proto Society takes us to a post-apocalyptic bunker, when the last remnants of humanity live isolated from the world. The bunker’s historians gather each day to try to debate how the world ended—and once you see their historical sources, you’ll understand their confusion. »8/28/15 8:40pm8/28/15 8:40pm

Watch Gas-Guzzling Androids Battle in a Mad Max-Style Dystopian Future

The music video for The Chemical Brothers’ “Sometimes I Feel So Deserted” takes us to a literal desert, one that looks straight out of an Australian post-apolyptic movie. And when a woman finds herself on the run from some rather nefarious figures, it quickly becomes clear that it’s not just the cars that run on… »8/27/15 2:40pm8/27/15 2:40pm

An Imaginary Friend Considers Retirement When His Creator Starts to Grow Up

In the short film So You’ve Grown Attached, Ex is the only person that moody kid Izzy likes, and he’s not really person—he’s her imaginary friend. But now that Izzy is getting older, Ex’s boss is encouraging him to retire. Ex is reluctant to leave Izzy’s side, but is he just holding her back? »8/17/15 2:40pm8/17/15 2:40pm

Watch Titano!, A Short Film Blending Pixar's Tone and Universal Monsters

“I wanted to write a love letter to all those great character actors who’ve touched our lives, if just for a moment.” That’s writer director Ben Chavda whose new short film, Titano!, can be seen above. Starring the late, great Irwin Keyes, the film was inspired by a love of Universal Monsters. »8/12/15 8:30pm8/12/15 8:30pm

Short Film About a Woman Stuck in a Time Paradox Makes Found Footage Fresh Again

Found footage films are everywhere these days, but few short films use the concept as effectively as Timelike does. That’s because it puts its own spin on a familiar concept: one night, a young physics student receives a message from her future self. What follows quickly goes from unnerving to distressing. »8/12/15 12:40pm8/12/15 12:40pm