Netherlands amusement park unveils €30 million steampunk dragon show

Massive theme park Efteling has unveiled their latest fantasy creation: the medieval town of Ravelijn and its giant steampunk dragon beast. It's like a Game Of Thrones theme park, only without the orgies. We've got a gallery. » 5/23/11 2:39pm 5/23/11 2:39pm

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle reboot sneak peek looks troubling

If you thought the new rebooted TMNT series was going to look like this released image, you've been tricked. EW has a short clip of the new CG Turtles in action. We're worried about the rebirth of NYC's mutants. » 3/11/11 11:30am 3/11/11 11:30am

Giant Dinosaur Robot Puppet On The Loose

Dino theft! A five foot tall robotic dinosaur has been stolen from the Walking With Dinosaurs exhibit in Mexico. It's worth about $89,650. Meanwhile some kid South of the border is having the best birthday party ever. [BBC] » 12/08/09 11:45am 12/08/09 11:45am

13 Is A Lucky (Or Unlucky) Number For Lost

Savor every Lost episode while you can, because you'll only be getting 13 of them this season, at the most. "We will have to condense some stories," executive producer Carlton Cuse said. If that also means waiting for another long period of time for the next season to start, fans might rebel, fly to Hawaii, and make… » 2/12/08 2:30pm 2/12/08 2:30pm

NBC's 'Heroes' Tops List Of Most Pirated Shows

NBC earns the distinction of having their show Heroes being the most pirated television show across the Web. Good for them, because it means people really want to see this thing. It's not like sites are putting together pirate DVDs of Heroes episodes and selling them willy-nilly on street corners. Well, at least here… » 1/03/08 1:40pm 1/03/08 1:40pm