On A World of Monsters And Magic, She's Indiana Jones

Meet Kate Kristopher, the star of Image's highly anticipated comic Shutter #1, an ex-explorer who gets pulled into an adventure where she's less worried about demons and ninjas than her family's secret. Plus the new Ultimates, Samurai Jacqueline, and more! » 4/08/14 2:40pm 4/08/14 2:40pm

When Americans remake foreign horror films: the report card

It's official: U.S. audiences decided not to let in Let Me In. The U.S. remake of the Swedish vampire classic crashed and burned. But most other domestic horror remakes have been critical or box-office failures. Check out our damning statistics. » 10/18/10 12:01pm 10/18/10 12:01pm

Stealth Marketing Campaign for "Shutter" Promotes Bullshit Science

Shutter, a horror flick opening next week, is a purely supernatural tale about spirit photography (taking pictures of ghosts). But it turns out the Shutter viral marketing crew is trying to suck in the sciencey/gadget geek crowd with a stealth media campaign: Fox reps are urging journalists to write about theā€¦ » 3/13/08 10:20am 3/13/08 10:20am