10 Real-Life Public Figures, and The Fictional Sidekicks They Deserve

We can all think of characters that we'd like as sidekicks. But sometimes things aren't all about us, personally. There are people out there who just plain need those sidekicks more. (And some need to have those sidekicks inflicted on them more.) Here are ten fictional sidekicks that we want to pair up with ten actual… »5/25/12 1:21pm5/25/12 1:21pm

The Cutest Science Fiction Sidekicks, And Why They Fail

All sidekicks must have certain key lovable qualities, or else they lose that sparkle that makes them so endearing. But sometimes the cute-overload factor goes too far and a gag reflex kicks in, making people want to destroy that character. Compiled after the jump is a list of the most adorable sidekicks in science… »5/02/08 6:46pm5/02/08 6:46pm