​The 14 Least Competent Alien Invaders of All Time

There have been many times when the Earth has been at the mercy of alien invaders. And there have been more than a few times where haven't — not because of our weapons, our savagery, or our inner strength — but because the aliens themselves were morons. Here are 14 alien invaders who did not think their invasions… » 12/16/13 10:01am 12/16/13 10:01am

The 5 Types Of Scifi Deus Ex Machinas

The awesome thing about science fiction is that anything can happen — including the occasional incredibly convenient miracle. Sometimes circumstances become so desperate and dire in a science fiction tale that even the "reset button" can't fix them — and that's when the "deus ex machina" shows up. The term, meaning… » 4/22/08 10:10am 4/22/08 10:10am