How Sharlto Copley Became Chappie And Why Hugh Jackman Has To Kill Him

Sharlto Copley (District 9) brought the titular robot of Chappie to life, thanks to performance capture and director Neill Blomkamp, but as it turns out everyone wanted him dead. We spoke with the Chappie'scast — Copley, Hugh Jackman and Sigourney Weaver — about the violence they inflicted upon this adorable robot. » 3/05/15 2:00pm 3/05/15 2:00pm

Neill Blomkamp Hints The New Alien Movie Will Wipe Out Alien 3

Neill Blomkamp's Alien movie is gaining steam really quickly. The latest news comes courtesy of a Sky Movies interview with Sigourney Weaver and Blomkamp himself, where the two of them lay out where they want this film to go. » 2/25/15 9:00pm 2/25/15 9:00pm

Neill Blomkamp Says Fox Would Make His Alien Movie, But He's Not Ready

Remember the insane collection of Alien-inspired concept designs District 9 director Neill Blomkamp unleashed on the internet a last month? Turns out, Fox would actually let Blomkamp make that Aliens movie, but he's not biting. » 2/10/15 2:38pm 2/10/15 2:38pm

Here's Sigourney Weaver Test-Firing the Flamethrower From Alien 

Your spirit animal is a honey badger? That's nice. My spirit animal is Sigourney Weaver in a jumpsuit unleashing a plume of hot death over what looks like a dry, potentially disastrous, patch of grass. » 1/18/15 5:00pm 1/18/15 5:00pm

Aliens' Power Loader Was Way More Massive in Syd Mead's Concept Art

Legendary Blade Runner designer Syd Mead helped to inspire the AT-ATs in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, with some "walking tanks" he designed for a U.S. Steel catalog. A few years later, Mead was allowed to do his own walker design, when he created the first art for the power loader in Aliens. » 3/30/14 5:30pm 3/30/14 5:30pm

First Concept Art for the Next Alien Game: Is that Ripley's daughter?

We've heard rumors that the game Alien Isolation will feature Ripley's daughter. Now there's some artwork, that features a space station, and a girl who looks a lot like a young Sigourney Weaver. » 12/09/13 3:00pm 12/09/13 3:00pm

Which actor has done the most to improve the image of science fiction?

There was a time when people thought science fiction (and fantasy) required over-the-top acting and scenery-chewing. Many actors didn't entirely take these roles seriously. That time is past. But which actor, in particular, has done the most to improve the credibility of genre film and television? » 10/07/13 2:26pm 10/07/13 2:26pm

Sigourney Weaver reunites with Ridley Scott for a Biblical fantasy

Ridley Scott is leaving the far future for the distant past, with an epic based on the Old Testament. And why not? The future is dark and full of terrible albino ab monsters. Wait until you hear who's starring in his Moses movie, Exodus. » 8/28/13 2:13pm 8/28/13 2:13pm

Actually, THIS might be the worst movie of 2012

Our list of the worst science fiction and fantasy movies of the year doesn't include films that practically nobody saw — for example, we left out Branded. Otherwise, a strong contender for inclusion would have been Red Lights, the weird paranormal thriller that has an A-list cast: Sigourney Weaver, Robert De Niro… » 12/21/12 4:30pm 12/21/12 4:30pm

Somewhere there exists an R-rated version of Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest isn't exactly a movie you'd expect to attract an R rating. After all, the parody of scifi TV shows and their fandoms is already pretty perfect with its innocent aliens and a nod to female eye candy who looks particularly stellar in a tight military uniform. But somewhere out in the universe, there lurks a… » 3/10/12 2:30pm 3/10/12 2:30pm

Sigourney Weaver and Robert DeNiro self-destruct in this year's biggest…

Here's how I imagine Red Lights' elevator pitch: "It's The Prestige, but set in modern times, and instead of illusionists, it's a psychic versus a debunker." » 1/24/12 4:00pm 1/24/12 4:00pm

10 Science Fiction and Fantasy Actors Who Make Everything Better

There are many actors who help make science fiction and fantasy awesome, but there are some faces you see again and again. And some actors just automatically brighten the screen whenever they appear. No matter what movie or TV show they're in, they make it better. » 9/13/11 10:00am 9/13/11 10:00am

First image of Sigourney Weaver as an evil vampire queen

You've already seen our massive gallery of images from Vamps by Amy Heckerling (of Clueless fame). Now get an eyeful of cult goddess Sigourney Weaver, vamping it out as the movie's big bad. » 7/08/11 9:33am 7/08/11 9:33am

Clueless with Vampires? A look inside Amy Heckerling's Vamps

After the success of Bridesmaids, we're stoked for the next big female-centric comedy. Could Clueless creator's Amy Heckerling's supernatural romcom Vamps be the supernatural answer to the Hangover? We spoke with the producer to get the bloody details on Vamps. » 6/10/11 3:11pm 6/10/11 3:11pm

Sigourney Weaver watches a reenactment of Alien's most famous scene

Sigourney Weaver was a guest on the Graham Norton Show, and Norton decided to reenact John Hurt's famous "chestburster" moment from Alien. Comedian Sandi Toksvig has amazingly never seen Alien at all, so she was the perfect person to take John Hurt's place. Worth watching both for the huge amounts of gore, and for… » 2/17/11 5:30pm 2/17/11 5:30pm

First reviews of Simon Pegg's Paul: Great, but it's no Shaun of the Dead

Paul is probably the most anticipated science fiction comedy of the year. Two road-tripping nerds, played by Shaun of the Dead's Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, meet an alien "gray" named Paul, who turns their world upside-down. It's our favorite comedy duo going to Comic Con and traveling with an alien! The film has had… » 2/07/11 4:29pm 2/07/11 4:29pm

Watch the audition that landed Sigourney Weaver the role of Ripley

Check out Sigourney Weaver's screen test for the part of Ripley in Alien. Nailed it — damn do we miss this brand of asskicking female hero. The clip is part of the Alien anthology box set, out Oct. 26th. » 10/22/10 1:00pm 10/22/10 1:00pm

Sigourney Weaver explains what could happen if humans return to Pandora

We spent five minutes talking with legendary science fiction heroine Sigourney Weaver. Find out what science fiction story she's most interested in playing now, what's next for Avatar's Dr. Grace, and why Ridley Scott needs to reinvent the Alien franchise. » 10/18/10 12:39pm 10/18/10 12:39pm

First look at Alicia Silverstone's vampire comedy, from the director of…

Do we really need another vampire movie? If it's a ridiculous AbFab-style comedy from the director of Clueless, then maybe yes. Check out Alicia Silverstone and Krysten Ritter as two beautiful vamps... who were turned by vampire queen Sigourney Weaver. » 9/24/10 12:33pm 9/24/10 12:33pm

Geeking out about science fiction movies with Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver is a giant of science-fiction movies. Few actors have had a career in the genre as prolific as hers, and almost nobody's played such diverse roles. So we were excited to geek out with her about science fiction. » 7/28/10 1:45pm 7/28/10 1:45pm