Silent Hill: Revelation 3D — come for Sean Bean, stay for the boob monsters

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is basically your neighborhood Haunted House with a better budget. You wander room to room watching various acts of bloody violence with no connecting thread whatsoever. And yet, you're entertained. Because it's fun being scared. And while Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is a completely… »10/26/12 8:23pm10/26/12 8:23pm

Watch Jon Snow dodge the knives of death in a new Silent Hill: Revelation clip!

The other day, we told you about watching new footage from Silent Hill: Revelation 3-D, the sequel to Silent Hill, which many people seem to consider the best video-game adaptation ever filmed. And now you can watch a bit of that footage for yourself — here's a piece of the scene where Kit Harrington (Jon Snow from … »7/18/12 2:53pm7/18/12 2:53pm