Silicon Valley Had Exactly the Right Ending This Season

“Two Day of the Condor” is one of the strongest episodes of Silicon Valley yet, turning California labor law and server stability into compelling television. It didn’t have the equivalent of last year’s perfect dick joke, but it had something better: Dramatic tension, and sweet lady justice. » 6/15/15 3:22pm 6/15/15 3:22pm

Silicon Valley Season Premiere: Negging Three-Foot Cocks 

HBO’s second-most-popular returning show about shifting alliances and desperate, bold power plays in an unpredictable and vicious world on the brink of howling collapse came back last night. The second season premiere of Silicon Valley had 4000% fewer dragons than Game of Thrones and exactly two (2) fewer bare butt… » 4/13/15 4:40pm 4/13/15 4:40pm

Haunted Winchester Mystery House to Allow Overnight Stays (and Booze)!

Oh man oh man. One of the most infamous haunted residences in the world, the Winchester Mystery House, has secured permits that will allow guests to not only stay the night in one of the mansion's 160 rooms, but also consume alcohol anywhere on the premises. Great idea – or greatest idea? » 3/16/14 9:30am 3/16/14 9:30am

The Creepiest Haunted House in Silicon Valley

In the middle of sprawling Silicon Valley hub San Jose, surrounded by startups and tech campuses, there's a monstrous anachronism of red-tiled roofs and Victorian curlicues. It's the 1880s mega-mansion known today as the Winchester Mystery House. Built by heiress Sarah Winchester over a period of almost forty years,… » 5/23/12 12:00pm 5/23/12 12:00pm