This is a real skull from a real animal and it may just be the most terrifying thing ever

Even if you're not usually frightened by snakes, it's hard not to feel intimidated by a Gaboon Viper (Bitis gabonica). Just look at its skull. With fangs that can reach up to five centimeters in length, Gaboons are reportedly the largest vipers on earth, and the toothiest of all venomous snakes. » 11/13/12 12:12pm 11/13/12 12:12pm

R.I.P. Larry Ashmead, Isaac Asimov's long-time editor

Former book editor Larry Ashmead died aged 78 on Friday. During his 43-year career in publishing, he edited more than 40 books by Isaac Asimov. According to AFP, he also rescued Simon Winchester's account of the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary, The Professor and the Madman from the "garbage bin" after… » 9/07/10 3:30pm 9/07/10 3:30pm