The Melting Antarctic Ice Sheet Is Heading Towards Irreversible Collapse

Computer models suggest that the melting West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) is melting at a rapidly accelerating rate. A new computer simulation shows that at current melting rates, the ice sheet will hit a critical point in about 60 years, and could result in a sea level rise of as much as 10 feet over the next several… »11/02/15 5:30pm11/02/15 5:30pm


Don't let the simple graphics fool you: NASA's Comet Quest is a complex and addictive online game th

Don't let the simple graphics fool you: NASA's Comet Quest is a complex and addictive online game that challenges you to perform several missions, including landing, collecting and transmitting scientific data, and keeping Rosetta safe from chunks of comet material that occasionally spews from the surface. »11/13/14 9:20am11/13/14 9:20am

Watch This Terrifying Recreation Of The Deadly Oso Mud Slide

In late March, a major landslide occurred a few miles east of Oso, Washington, killing at least 35 people and engulfing an area approximately one square mile (2.6 km2). Geologists are now studying the event and they're baffled by its ferocity and speed — a slide that rushed down at an astounding 60 mph (97 km/hr). »4/10/14 4:50pm4/10/14 4:50pm

New simulation is as close to traveling through space as it gets

SpaceEngine is a free space simulation program that allows you to travel through intergalactic space in three dimensions. Starting from Earth, you can journey out into the cosmos and visit all known areas of the Universe. And as for those places where no one has gone before, the computer can simulate that experience… »7/10/12 7:40pm7/10/12 7:40pm

3 Computer Simulations that Changed The World (And 2 That Are on the Verge)

Computer simulations have already massively transformed our ability to study complicated situations and events. We can study the effects of disasters without having to suffer through the real thing, and we can test out solutions. Running simulated events on powerful computers, based on real-life factors, lets… »7/06/12 3:15pm7/06/12 3:15pm

Supercomputer simulates nuclear explosion down to the molecular level

Treaties forbid the detonation of nuclear test weapons — which creates problems for national defense developers who need to efficiently certify the effectiveness of their arsenal. Luckily for them, a powerful new supercomputer is now able to replicate the physical impact of nuclear explosions — albeit digitally. And… »6/06/12 7:30pm6/06/12 7:30pm