A Brand new Science Fiction Bookstore in Brooklyn — With a Mission to Save Classic Books

There aren't as many science fiction specialty bookstores are there used to be, thanks to the onslaught of Borders and Amazon — so it's great news to hear of a brand new SF store opening in Brooklyn. Singularity & Co. is having its opening party tonight, and should be open for business soon. »8/09/12 7:01pm8/09/12 7:01pm


You can prevent old science fiction books from being forgotten!

This is my favorite new e-book project seeking funds on Kickstarter: Save the Scifi! A group called Singularity & Co. will scan and publish out-of-print science fiction novels in e-book form — but only after talking to the authors and getting their permission. It's basically a version of what HiLo Books is doing with… »3/23/12 6:30pm3/23/12 6:30pm