What's next for the Star Wars Expanded Universe? Sith death cults gone wild!

This June, author John Jackson Miller returns to the Star Wars universe with Escape, the next chapter of his Knight Errant comic book and prose series. In this upcoming five-issue comic miniseries — which is set 1,000 years before Episode 1 — Jedi heroine Kerra Holt must clean out an entire galaxy full of Sith,… »3/08/12 2:10pm3/08/12 2:10pm

Game Your Way into the Star Wars Expanded Universe with a New Guide

Click to view »8/18/08 10:30am8/18/08 10:30amA lot of Star Wars fans first discovered the expanded Star Wars universe via the Knights of the Old Republic video games. Now you too can create your own characters and experience the rich, exciting era that took place thousands of years before the saga of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. The is a…