Tell Us Some Six-Word Science Fiction Stories!

Science fiction epics can stretch onwards through hundreds of thousands of words, but you can spin one for us in just six? We want to hear your very best (but also very, very brief) science fiction stories! » 2/10/15 7:00am 2/10/15 7:00am

Write A Six-Word Science Fiction Story For Us!

Six words is all you've got, and six words is all you need, to enthrall, spook, surprise, and delight us with your ultra-short science fiction tales! » 12/10/14 7:00am 12/10/14 7:00am

Write A Six-Word Science Fiction Story With Us!

Whether you want to tell us about an AI that wants to spend its time snarking at us ("All intelligence is artificial, flesh creature." — Counterproductive) or just unsettle us with its burgeoning electronic curiosity (This morning Wikipedia started asking questions. — RaikoO), we want to hear your science fiction! » 9/09/14 7:20am 9/09/14 7:20am

We Want To Hear Your Six-Word Science Fiction Tales!

What kind of story can you tell in only six words? Will you send us the text from the off-world signage of the future ("EMPLOYEES MUST WASH HANDS BEFORE TERRAFORMING" / tarrkid), go through the ship's log of a strange vessel ("The ship's unsalvageable." - my body's pilot / csmason04), or something else entirely? » 8/05/14 7:00am 8/05/14 7:00am

Write Some Six-Word Science Fiction With Us!

Can you tell us a story in only six words? Your stories last time ranged from the dystopian fashion cycles of the future (You say "parasite". I say "accessory". angusm) to a reversed zombie attack (Zombie brains actually are surprisingly tasty. Fauxcused) and now we want to hear more! » 7/01/14 7:10am 7/01/14 7:10am

A Dozen Short Science Fiction Stories You Can Read Right Now

Whether launching the criminally-underexplored paleocyber genre, exploring the underrated plot spinning abilities of chimpanzees, or just issuing spoiler alerts to the universe, these very short science fiction stories do a lot with a little. » 6/04/14 4:20pm 6/04/14 4:20pm

Tell Us A Six-Word Science Fiction Story!

Tell us a six-word story! Whether yours focuses on some life-saving fashion advice (Ensign, don't wear that red shirt. — asupps) or on wondering just what it is that the bees know that we don't (Bees weren't dying. They were leaving. — Cool_Breeze), we want to here all about it. » 6/04/14 7:00am 6/04/14 7:00am

Write Us A Six-Word Science Fiction Story!

Whether your story focuses on the little not-quite-a-planet that could ("NOW I'm a planet," Pluto exclaimed. — richardrae1) or is just perusing the Amazon reviews from an alternate dimension (Cat carrier reviews. Schrödinger's mixed results. — spocko), write it up for us now. And then settle in for some reading. » 5/08/14 7:15am 5/08/14 7:15am

A Story About Pluto, Romantically-Inclined Robots And Tiny Spacesuits

We invited you to tell us a six-word science fiction story today, and you responded with stories that ranged all over time and space, from the furthest reaches of the solar system to the here and now... with a slight detour onto a parallel track. » 4/07/14 4:20pm 4/07/14 4:20pm

Write Some Six-Word Science Fiction!

We love long, winding stories, but even the shortest story can still pack plenty of twists and turns. We're writing some six-word science fiction, and we want you to tell us a (concise) tale. » 4/07/14 7:20am 4/07/14 7:20am

These flash science fiction stories will keep you up all night

The six-word science fiction stories you wrote for us this time around covered some very dark worlds, ranging from the most perfect supernatural Craigslist ad on the internet to aliens whose darkest fear is being found by us. Here are just some of our favorites: » 3/10/14 4:20pm 3/10/14 4:20pm

Let's write some six-word scifi!

We love a good science fiction story, whether it comes to us in the form of 60,000 words or just six. The six-word stories you wrote us last time were wonderful and now we want to hear more. » 3/10/14 7:15am 3/10/14 7:15am

We're writing some science fiction — in only six words!

Some of our very favorite science fiction is of the epic variety. But there's also a special place in our hearts for science fiction that is shorter — in this case, only six words. We were big fans of the stories you wrote us last time, whether you were riffing on the theme itself ("Post Verbicide, only six words… » 2/03/14 7:00am 2/03/14 7:00am

These very, very short scifi stories are just fantastic

Six little words can do a lot in science fiction — in some cases tell a whole story. These very, very short stories we wrote today cover everything from an artificial intelligence that would frankly just prefer to be left alone, to the stresses that time travel can pile on a marriage, to the nightmare that is a… » 1/02/14 4:20pm 1/02/14 4:20pm

Let's write some six-word science fiction!

Sometimes six words is all you need to tell a story. Last time, we fell in love with your six-word science fiction, ranging from the tale of a search engine that has had quite enough ("Answer it yourself," Google sighed finally." — denverhed) to the time-traveling device we're already coveting ("iTime's on Help!… » 1/02/14 7:00am 1/02/14 7:00am

Comment of the Day: The Very Best (and Shortest) Science Fiction

Today, we fell down the rabbit-hole of the internet's list making capabilities, debated the relative merits of every single Doctor Who episode ever made, and wrote over 1000 (and counting!) very short pieces of science fiction. » 11/20/13 4:20pm 11/20/13 4:20pm