Honda's Nostalgic Toy adverts go from bad to worse - For a Good Cause

I'm so glad the latest videos in Honda's bizarre, toy-themed adverts are for good causes, because otherwise... well, these would be just as nightmarishly terrible, but there would be nothing hopeful to feel about after watching them! » 12/04/14 6:36pm 12/04/14 6:36pm

Gravity Falls takes on National Treasure and a Ghostbusters parody on …

This week in the world of cartoons, Gravity Falls takes a shot at Nick Cage's National Treasure franchise, Adventure Time gets really trippy, and we receive what might be the best episode of Ultimate Spider-Man episode yet. » 8/18/12 7:00am 8/18/12 7:00am

This trippy noir cartoon is like Sin City meets Looney Tunes

This is Little Quentin, just your run-of-the-mill wordless animated short about a giant rabbit, a clown, and a hardened Sam Spade archetype out on the town in a hardboiled metropolis. As any good Twilight Zone fan knows, all is not what it seems when massive cottontails hang out with astronauts. This short comes to… » 6/13/12 2:20pm 6/13/12 2:20pm

Meet Female Skeletor, the presumed arch-nemesis of She-Man

At MegaCon 2012, the photographers at Short Fuse Pin-Ups shot cosplayer Freddie Nova showing off her absolutely boss sex-swapped Skeletor costume. I'm assuming Skeletorette here occasionally runs afoul of He-Ra, the dreaded foe of her ally Duchess Hordak. You can find more of Freddie's photos here. » 2/27/12 6:50am 2/27/12 6:50am

The 10 Strangest Short-Lived Supervillain Makeovers

Every now and again, supervillains will try a new outfit or modus operandi to thwart their do-gooding nemeses. Sometimes this tactic works, and the new schtick becomes part and parcel of a character's mythos. Other times, this change lasts 15 minutes and everyone forgets it ever happened. These are those times. » 2/15/12 11:25am 2/15/12 11:25am

Masters of the Universe toy art will make a He-Man out of you

When it came to selling action figures depicting a friendly barbarian and his mutated, alternate dimension pals, Mattel spared no expense on the artwork. Here are some ridiculous detailed tableaus depicting the Master of the Universe and his wild gang. » 5/15/11 4:45pm 5/15/11 4:45pm

And here are designs from the Masters of the…

Check out Skeletor Saves, a He-Man-themed art show for a good cause…

Skeletor is known for his nefarious schemes, wheezy laugh, and for being a 1980s fashion iconoclast (after all, he more or less invented the hood/loin cloth/ram's skull staff combo). » 3/30/11 8:25am 3/30/11 8:25am

By Andrew Yang By Andrew Spina By Benoit Prevot By Brian Kenny By Carl J. Schutt By Dan Masters By Exterface By…

The 10 Most Unfortunate Masters Of The Universe Toys

In the Kingdom of Eternia, there are fates worse than having "He-Man" or "Fisto" on your birth certificate. You could be a moss-yeti or an anthropomorphic pin cushion. If your parents gave you the following toys, they didn't love you. » 4/03/10 3:29pm 4/03/10 3:29pm

He-Man And The Masters Of Fine Art: Skeletor Like You've Never Seen Him…

We have long clamored for Skeletor to become an artistic icon, and now he's finally immortalized on canvas. Galleries 1988 in Los Angeles is having a He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe art show, and the opening's tonight. » 1/08/10 11:00am 1/08/10 11:00am

Artists Take on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Gallery 1988's art shows frequently pay tribute to fantastical popular culture, and soon the gallery will take a trip to Eternia with its Masters of the Universe show. Take a peek at how the artists reinterpret He-Man, Skeletor, and more. » 12/15/09 7:40am 12/15/09 7:40am

The Greatest Art Featuring 6 Iconic Scifi Villains

Click to viewDarth Vader rocks out with the rest of the original Star Wars cast in this awesome painting by Hugh Fleming. Vader has starred in more than his fair share of offbeat and arresting artworks, but he's not alone — other classic science fiction villains have also inspired some provocative and clever art, from… » 6/25/08 9:17pm 6/25/08 9:17pm

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe screenwriter: "If we don't see the humanity and the truth in what [supervillain] Skeletor's trying to do, then the story's not compelling." He also explains why you can't be afraid to say the words "He-Man," and the importance of staying true to He-Man's science fiction roots.… » 11/15/07 7:00am 11/15/07 7:00am

Skeletor's Bony Face Of Awesome Vengeance

Skeletor, from He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe, is like a Heavy Metal icon, reigning over Castle Grayskull with his rocker-dude cloak and skull face. His unmistakable scowl has turned up on walls in the Netherlands and South America, and all over the United States. Artists like Meggs and Jon Vermilyea… » 6/25/06 5:34pm 6/25/06 5:34pm