Mystery Over 15th-Century Drilled Skull Solved

Researchers at the University of Pisa, Italy, have solved a longstanding mystery around the honeycombed skull of one of the Italian martyrs beheaded by 15th century Ottoman Turk invaders when they refused to give up their Christian faith. » 2/15/15 8:30am 2/15/15 8:30am

We're Dying To Visit This Weird New Museum of Curiosities

Seriously, any museum with a "Cabinet of Death" display is something you don't want to sleep on. The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities in London displays the entire collection of the proudly eccentric Mr. Wynd, and it's full of weird and wonderful things (mostly weird though). » 1/08/15 1:55pm 1/08/15 1:55pm

Creepily Cute Skull-Shaped Clock Rolls Its Eyes To Tell Time

Clockmaker Fritz Oswald made novelty clocks with rotating eyeballs, with one eye displaying the hours and the other displaying the minutes. They can look cute or completely deranged depending on what time it is. » 1/03/15 2:00pm 1/03/15 2:00pm

An 8,000 Year-old Skull Has Been Found With Preserved Brain Matter

Archaeologists in Norway have found an 8,000 year-old skull at a Stone Age site that could very well be of human origin. Remarkably, it contains a grey, clay-like substance thought to be the preserved remains of the brain. If confirmed, it could be one of the oldest human brains ever found. » 7/14/14 10:40am 7/14/14 10:40am

French Archaeologists Discover Beautifully Preserved Deformed Skull

Normally, intentionally elongated or flattened skulls are associated with ancient Mesoamerican cultures. But this exquisite specimen, which dates back some 1,500 years, was recently found at a dig in Alsace, France. » 11/05/13 12:20pm 11/05/13 12:20pm

Creepy wedding cake is adorned with realistic chocolate animal skulls

Annabel de Vetten of Conjurer's Kitchen really puts the death in "Til death do us part" with this morbid wedding confection. Instead of flowers and flourishes, her latest wedding cakes are decorated with chocolate animal skulls. » 3/23/13 4:00pm 3/23/13 4:00pm

These anatomical food sculptures are gruesome and lunch-meaty

Russian artist Dimitri Tsykalov has an unsettling knack for sculpting and arranging everyday foodstuffs into forms that would be more at home in a gross anatomy lab than a kitchen. Cauliflower takes on the appearance of undulating folds of grey matter. Lunch meat is transformed into the muscles of the head. A… » 8/15/12 12:10pm 8/15/12 12:10pm

Why are American heads getting bigger?

Americans shouldn't let this go to their heads — but recent forensic research suggests that their heads are getting bigger. National Geographic recently reported the discovery that skulls of white Americans have significantly increased in size since 1825, allowing for a tennis ball's worth of new brain. But why?… » 6/07/12 2:34pm 6/07/12 2:34pm

Portraits of 20th century figures — or at least their skulls

Artist Istvan Laszlo combines the bone structure of famous artists, activists, and politicians with their trademark features and hair lines to create unique portraits of what lies beneath and above their skin. » 5/26/12 3:00pm 5/26/12 3:00pm

John Lennon Mahatma Gandhi Mao Tse-tung Mother Teresa

Reseachers Say "Hobbit" People Were Not Human

Several years ago, a group of intriguing, ancient fossils were uncovered: Their bodies and skulls looked human, but they were incredibly tiny. Scientists named them Homo floresiensis, and the popular press called them Hobbits. » 1/20/09 1:44pm 1/20/09 1:44pm

Wellness Skull Is a Sauna of Death

From the same guys that created the SlaveCity dystopia comes a cool alternative to the warmly lit, lavender-scented spa of the present—a giant skull with separate compartments for all your relaxation needs. The Wellness Skull houses a bath in its neck, a sauna in the head, and hot steam spouts at the eye sockets.… » 5/06/08 8:40am 5/06/08 8:40am

A Camera Made of Blood and Copper

Wayne Martin Belger is a freaky pinhole photographer who makes cameras out of titanium, brass, wood, glass, human skulls, human organs, formaldehyde, HIV positive blood, and other relics that are tools of what he calls "the horrors of creation and the beauty of decay." Pictured above is a creation of his called The… » 4/09/08 2:19pm 4/09/08 2:19pm