12 Movies that Are Incredibly Beautiful and Utterly Vapid

Movies are getting prettier all the time. Thanks to computer animation, IMAX cameras, 3-D and a million other innovations, we can now create films that tower like candy palaces. But that just means it's easier for movies to be pretty but dumb. Here are 12 films that are lovely to look at, but totally braindead. » 4/03/13 10:02am 4/03/13 10:02am

The Star Wars Movies Have Lost The SFX Race

The skyrocketing number of special effects shots in the Star Wars movies has become a shorthand for the way movies in general have become more SFX-heavy. But while the Star Wars films may have started the SFX arms race, they didn't win it. None of the three Star Wars prequels has as many special effects shots as… » 2/12/08 11:40am 2/12/08 11:40am