Is That A Meteorite Streaking Past This Skydiver?

Now this is a close shave. Back in 2012, a Norwegian skydiver came within inches of utter annihilation when an apparent meteorite whizzed past him. Amazingly, he caught the whole thing on camera. » 4/03/14 1:30pm 4/03/14 1:30pm

Felix Baumgartner is giving a press conference on his historic jump…

Now that Felix Baumgartner has made the world's highest jump—from 128,100 feet above the Earth—he's not resting. Instead, he and his team are answering questions about his amazing stunt. Watch above. » 10/14/12 1:32pm 10/14/12 1:32pm

Watch this guy become the first person in history to safely land a…

WHERE WE'RE GOING, WE DON'T NEED PARACHUTES! Oh — but we will need cardboard boxes to break the fall. Lots and lots of cardboard boxes. Eighteen thousand, six hundred boxes. To be exact. [skyNEWS] » 5/23/12 2:05pm 5/23/12 2:05pm

Sky diver plans supersonic jump from suborbital space

Could space jumping be the next extreme sport? After all the objects that have gone into suborbital space: teddy bears, Lego men, plates of sushi, one man plans to send himself up to the edge, and then leap back down again. » 2/05/12 12:00pm 2/05/12 12:00pm

Extreme Skydiver to Plummet 25 Miles to Earth

In a little over two weeks, skydiving specialist Michel Fournier plans to break the world record for the highest skydive ever attempted. If all goes well, he will jump from a balloon at an altitude of around 131,000 feet, or 25 miles above Saskatchewan, Canada. At around 115,000 feet his body will blow through the… » 5/06/08 9:30am 5/06/08 9:30am