8 Ways to Make a Movie About a Female Superhero Happen

Tons of people are saying a woman can't star in a superhero movie. (Just like they probably said an interconnected superhero universe couldn't happen at the movies.) Stan Lee says there's no need. But a good superheroine movie is necessary and doable. Here are eight ways to make a movie about a female superhero movie… »9/19/13 1:00pm9/19/13 1:00pm

Quite Possibly the Most Uncomfortable "Coming Out" Scene from Any Superhero Film Ever

Okay, so the "Have you tried not being a mutant" scene from X-Men 2 was pretty squirm-inducing (in a good way). But when it comes to uncomfortable "coming out" scenes in superhero movies, you can't really beat this moment from Disney's Sky High. In which the dad — Kurt Russell! — gets so pissed he practically… »8/12/11 8:30pm8/12/11 8:30pm

Movie Superheroes Whose Secret Origins Aren't In Comic Books

Hollywood often does such a bad job translating comic books to film, it's better to start from scratch. When movies create their own original superheroes, they can have the cool comic booky trappings, without the need to include/ignore/defile decades of print history. If it works (The Incredibles) you get something… »4/08/08 1:27pm4/08/08 1:27pm