It's official: The sale of Night Shade Books is going through

For the past two months, the fate of Night Shade Books has been up in the air. Would the beloved indie science fiction press go bankrupt, or would a buy-out by two entities, Skyhorse and Start, go through? Now, at last, we know — Night Shade will continue as an imprint of the two larger publishers. » 6/03/13 2:20pm 6/03/13 2:20pm

A Better Deal for Night Shade Books' Authors

Over the past week, authors and literary agents have been worried about what will happen to the 160 authors whose books were published by the struggling Night Shade Books. Now the prospective buyers, Skyhorse and Start, have agreed to offer a better deal than the one they originally planned. » 4/08/13 5:04pm 4/08/13 5:04pm