On The Fetishisation Of Gay Men By Women In The Slash Community


The following was originally posted on The Mary Sue (Abrams Media Network) and has been republished here with permission.About a year ago, I went with friends to see a live reading of Welcome to Night Vale and was shocked by the amount of screaming coming from women in the audience. » 1/18/15 2:13pm 1/18/15 2:13pm

Nothing Left to Fear is a bland trip to a Kansas Hellmouth

Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash makes his directorial production debut with Nothing Left to Fear, about a preacher and his family who arrive in the rural town of Stull to start a new life. But even a Hellmouth can't make this little horror town interesting. » 10/13/13 5:00pm 10/13/13 5:00pm

Harry Potter, Sherlock, and The Greatest Scandals in Fandom

This week on We Come From the Future, we talk about what happens when scandal rips through the heart of fandom. Along with our special guests, Daily Dot fandom reporter Aja Romano, and Circlet Press publisher Cecilia Tan, we delve into all the wank that makes fans on the internet lose their shit. From Sherlock… » 10/26/12 10:43am 10/26/12 10:43am

Daniel Radcliffe reads a tender Ron/Harry Potter slashfic scene

You've seen Voldemort do it, now it's Harry's turn. After coaxing Ralph Fiennes to read some particularly titillating Harry/Voldemort slashfic, Bravo's Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen manages to convince Daniel Radcliffe to read a bit of steamy Ron/Harry fan fiction. » 2/11/12 8:00am 2/11/12 8:00am

Could You Be a Shipper? Take Our Quiz

In the science fiction world, "Shipper" stands for for "relationshipper," and it means anybody who is completely obsessed with one particular couple on their favorite show. Usually, but not always, it's a non-romantic pairing that the Shipper wishes would get hot and sexy. We all have a little shipper in us, but some… » 2/12/08 10:30am 2/12/08 10:30am