Visit Rome, see the statue of Superman and Batman's foreplay

Here's another smash hit from the annals of the World's Finest Slash Fiction Art. At Rome's Villa Borghese gardens, you can stroll through the arbors and meditate on a sculpture of Batman readying his body for the Last Love of Krypton. I really hope this is viral marketing for the DC relaunch. » 7/18/11 8:30am 7/18/11 8:30am

What Slash Fiction Pairings Do You Wish You'd See?

Slash fiction has let us down. Yes, fans are constantly writing their own stories about sexual/romantic liaisons between Luke Skywalker and Jabba the Hutt, among other bizarre pairings. But there are still places that naughty fanfic hasn't gone yet, and it's time to give it a little push. What are the couples you wish… » 1/22/08 8:20am 1/22/08 8:20am