All hail the new king of crossplay, Slave Leo

Anyone who has ever attended a con probably knows what crossplay is — to wear the costume of someone not your gender. Usually this is done for shock value and to be funny ("That man is wearing women's clothes! How droll!"), although occasionaly there's a group like the DC crossplayers that do more than simply wear… » 2/11/13 12:40pm 2/11/13 12:40pm

Slave Leia adds flair to your cross-stitch samplers

The serenity prayer takes on a whole new meaning when you add a little Jabba. Needle artists Steotch take classic sampler themes and add a hefty dose of cross-stitched pop culture. » 10/24/10 7:15am 10/24/10 7:15am

The Middleman Episode You Never Saw

Just to torment us, The Middleman creator Javier Grillo-Marxuach posted one page from an unfilmed script... and OMG. It's the darkest, weirdest Middle-moment yet. How can we not see how this turns out? [The Middleblog] » 12/24/08 12:22pm 12/24/08 12:22pm