Turns out The Originals is about America's original sin: slavery

The Originals is a weird show. The four characters who came over from The Vampire Diaries to form the bedrock of the show's cast were among the least sympathetic on the parent show, and all the new characters seemed either forgettable or sort of horrible. But slowly but surely, The Originals is finding a story to tell. » 11/06/13 3:20pm 11/06/13 3:20pm

Mississippi Officially Bans Slavery at Last

An associate professor from the University of Mississippi Medical Center has uncovered what is quite possibly the grandaddy of all oversights. Even though the Thirteenth Amendment was adopted 148 years ago, the state of Mississippi never officially ratified the amendment on account of some sloppy paperwork. It's an… » 2/21/13 3:20pm 2/21/13 3:20pm