Ellen Craft, the Slave Who Posed as a Master and Made Herself Free


A few days before Christmas, 1848, a man named William Craft gave his wife Ellen a haircut—in fact, he cut it to the nape of her neck, far shorter than any other woman in Macon, Georgia, where the Crafts lived. They picked out her clothes—a cravat, a top hat, a fine coat—and went over the plan for what felt like the… »1/12/15 3:58pm1/12/15 3:58pm

Turns out The Originals is about America's original sin: slavery

The Originals is a weird show. The four characters who came over from The Vampire Diaries to form the bedrock of the show's cast were among the least sympathetic on the parent show, and all the new characters seemed either forgettable or sort of horrible. But slowly but surely, The Originals is finding a story to tell. »11/06/13 6:20pm11/06/13 6:20pm

The Greatest Depressions (and Economic Recoveries) of Science Fiction

Click to view »10/10/08 6:00pm10/10/08 6:00pmScience fiction never fails to predict bizarre, unwelcome futures and the current global economic meltdown is no exception. We love to imagine all the ways our world will end not with a bang, but with a flood of hemorrhaged garbage cash. Two of this year's scifi film crop, and , predict a geopolitical…