Crocs Keep an Eye on You While They Sleep

Sleeping with only half your brain sounds like a great way to become a zombie in no time, but for certain marine mammals and birds, it’s a way of life. A new study suggests that crocodiles, too, may be “unihemispheric” sleepers, a finding which makes humans and other full-brain snoozers look more and more like… »10/22/15 9:00pm10/22/15 9:00pm


How to Stay Healthy Before, During, And After a Convention

Every year hundreds of thousands of people head to conventions to talk tech, gaming, geek culture, even knitting! By the end, attendees walk out with swag, intel, and sometimes a rather nasty cold. Protect yourself from the infamous “con crud” and leave these gatherings scot free. »7/09/15 6:01pm7/09/15 6:01pm

Maybe Our Ancestors Knew The Real Secret Of A Good Night's Sleep

I have a friend who says three in the morning is the time we all spend laying awake, staring at darkness, and thinking about all the mistakes we’ve made in our lives. Everyone reading this knows that she’s right. But it doesn’t need to be this way. We could use this time productively, the way our ancestors did.
»5/12/15 7:30pm5/12/15 7:30pm

The characters on House of Cards have terrible sleep hygiene.

The characters on House of Cards have terrible sleep hygiene. "I've been pretty appalled by the Underwoods' poor sleep habits," notes science writer Jordan Gaines Lewis on her blog. In observation of Sleep Awareness Week, she lists three simple sleep hygiene rules that Frank and Claire would be wise to follow. »3/07/15 12:00am3/07/15 12:00am

Awake, Online, And Sleep-Deprived – The Rise Of The Teenage 'Vamper'

About three years ago, a teenage girl was talking with me and other students about using her cell phone late at night. She told us how she waited until her parents were asleep, then spent at least four hours every night texting with her friends. Her parents thought she was asleep in bed. "I'd sleep a few hours, then… »12/28/14 11:00am12/28/14 11:00am