There are only four types of homes in science fiction

And a great article in the Financial Times breaks them down for you. There's the "futuristic" home where everything is white and automatic, there's the "retro" home, that looks Victorian or art deco, there's the "dystopian" ruins. And finally, there's the "modernist" home, which is someone's actual house that they… »11/26/13 2:47pm11/26/13 2:47pm

The Most Accurate (and Inaccurate) Predictions About Homes of the Future

Click to view »9/12/08 3:03pm9/12/08 3:03pm For decades, scifi movies and futurist documentaries have promised us domestic bliss via flying cars and housecleaning droids. We may not have home heliports yet, but several old movies actually got it right when it came to predicting the crazy gadgets that would be in our homes today. We've whipped up…