It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World on Sleepy Hollow

As if a new episode of Sleepy Hollow weren't gift enough, this week's outing is the Christmas episode: our gifts are hilarious vocabulary words and too-modern holiday traditions. And Ichabod's gift is some daddy issues, a huge golem out to kill a pile of witches, and some truly terrible news. » 12/10/13 11:43am 12/10/13 11:43am

Beheadings are Just Everywhere on Sleepy Hollow's "Midnight Ride"

Last week, while Ichabod was chatting up Masons and having visions-within-flashbacks, Abbie actually got something done and saved him. Now disconnected from the Hessian scamp, Ichabod's Potential Casualty #1, and the Horseman's out for blood. Can they trap him before he beheads everything in a ten-mile radius? » 11/12/13 11:00am 11/12/13 11:00am

Sleepy Hollow’s “Sin Eater” is an Everytrope Gift Basket

You're probably familiar by now with the madcap trope-deployment rate of the magic-cop show Sleepy Hollow. Turns out if you leave the show unattended for three weeks, those tropes back up — and when you turn the TV back on, it's a cross-dimensional guest-star-heavy hyper-flashback Masonic suicide pact with sin-eater… » 11/05/13 11:48am 11/05/13 11:48am